How to get wax out of carpet

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Candles are mostly used during the holidays and in almost every occasion. They add flare to decor and table setups. The warm light adds charm to the overall presentation of design concepts. Who doesn’t love a candlelight dinner for two, right?

However, candles can also ruin your carpet. When liquid wax spilled on the floor, it solidies and cling to the fabric, that sometimes they are hard to remove. Candle wax, dry wax, scentsy wax, and even red wax can prove to be very frustrating when cleaning your carpets. Fortunately, there are various ways to clean the carpet when wax makes it unsightly. We have collected the best ways to clean your carpet to help you out.

Freezing Method

How to get wax out of carpet by freezing it

This method must be done immediately after the wax spilled on your carpet.

To do this:

  1. Fill a plastic bag with ice.
  2. Place this on top of the stained area
  3. Let the wax freeze for a few minutes.
  4. Using a dull knife, scrape off the wax after removing the plastic bag. The frozen
  5. wax should easily come off.
  6. Repeat the process until all traces of wax disappear.

Iron and Paper Bag

Removing wax from carpet

To do this:

  1. Get a brown paper bag and place it on the area where wax has stick into the carpet.
  2. Press a hot iron on top of the paper bag until the wax is absorbed by the bag.
  3. Repeat the process with new paper bags until the wax is completely gone.
  4. Use a carpet cleaning solution afterwards to clean the area.

Iron and Hot Towel

Wax removal with wet towel

This is similar to iron and paper bag method, but using hot towel instead of paper bag.

  1. Get a damp towel and place it on top of the target area.
  2. With the iron on high heat, press it on top of the wet towel. This will melt the wax which will be absorbed by the towel.
  3. Do this in all areas where wax was spilled.
  4. When done, use a carpet cleaning solution to clean off any remaining residue.

Candles don’t only cause your carpets to be unsightly, but they can be very dangerous when not attended or placed properly. To avoid spilling of wax, put them in large bowls where wax can be collected. Moreover, do not placed candles near windows or fans as they can speed up the burning process and may blow liquid wax into your carpet. Finally, do not place them in stands and places where they can easily be knocked over to avoid spill and risk of fire.

To ensure that your carpet can withstand spills and other causes of damage, buy ones that are highly durable. You can visit Astro Carpet Mills to get access to wide selection of beautiful and durable carpets.



I never try doing the Freezing Method as a carpet solution that's why I never recommend this method to my clients. I'll try them and recommend them to my clients. thanks to you!

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