Backdrop for a Festive Night Out

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A deserved night out is more thrilling when memories are easily pulled up from a first impression. The sounds, scents and sights of walking through the door of a bowling alley or skating station will stand out in the minds of customers. Return visits will be a given when the recollection of a cheerful mood is on their minds. With a star-spangled entrance to a festive evening, even a tired person can be perked right up.

Light up the Floor

Brilliant lights can deliver an awesome sight for adding excitement, but the real test comes when the action starts. Printed carpet that almost moves with your feet can add bounce in each step with bright electrifying shapes. Fluorescent carpet in bright colors that accent and mesmerize, blend with any type of lighting that is available.

More Energized Steps

Getting the right rhythm going when hurling that bowling ball down the alley can make or break a game. Brightly patterned neon carpet can aid in making customers more nimble. Although the sensation may be due to an optical illusion, the brain can power the body in gaining better control of footing. Blacklight carpet is a favorite in skating stations with electrifying mood-changing effects for special performances.

What to Look For in Neon Carpet

The quality of material used for glow in the dark carpet has to be exceptional. Designed to withstand thousands of active people, long lasting wear is a major point to look for. Inquire about whether or not a tite tuft process is used in manufacturing to guarantee solid stitching. Large areas of activity are prone to running and skipping. Even carpet tufts through quality testing should be proven.

Keeping a fluorescent carpet new and fresh looking is another factor to remember. Just because a carpet looks great when first installed does not mean that the colors will not fade over time. Make sure that the prints and colors selected have been engineered to perfection and that a warranty accompanies the product.

Installation by professionals is a given when dealing with a good fitting wall-to-wall carpet. Proper stretching and sealing is imperative to keep carpet from breaking loose from edges. Once a corner begins to loosen, it doesn't take long for more to follow. Immediately call the installation company when a tear or loose end is noticed and protect the room from massive damage.

Picking out and installing the perfect carpet to create a dazzling atmosphere takes some research. Using the best is far better in the long run for providing an evening to remember and future customer returns.


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